Why Korres

Our International Strategy for worldwide expansion is largely based on store openings and we are actively seeking highly qualified business people to join our system and network of stand alone stores. There are a number of reasons why to open a KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS store:

 We are now committed to store openings as a predominant way of doing business outside of Greece and provide all the necessary tools in order to guarantee a successful business course. We are seeking investors with significant business experience who have successfully owned or managed a business venture and who have their own financial resources.

 Owning a Korres Natural Products store may be a tremendous opportunity. The initial investment is relatively small and at present, we do not work on the principle of applying Entry Fees, or Royalties. We will discuss and mutually agree on the cost of initial services and other support services including marketing and communication expenses.

 Our company invests in highly skilled people to transfer all the valuable operational knowledge to the partners so as they rapidly develop a successful and sustainable financial course.

 Korres Natural Products is an established brand name of top-quality skin, hair, and personal care products. Furthermore, the high level of our company' s scientific credentials was coupled with our company' s ranking amongst the 500 highest developing companies in Europe.

Korres Store

Who does it address and what does it offer?
People of all ages and socio economic background, who seek reasonably priced products with top quality active ingredients that enable every-day use, are pleasing to the senses and are environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly.

Environment and Design
Premises with minimal decoration, designer furniture and creative marketing and merchandizing material. The service is friendly, discreet and is provided by well educated and polite sales persons. The Korres 'model store' is a concept that has been developed by our company, and its success lies in the fact that it depicts a store that is operational, comfortable, easily reproduced and attractive to visit.

Initial & ongoing support
Initially we will provide you with any assistance you may need in locating, evaluating and selecting an area. After the approval of the area, we will help you with the design and set up of the store. Furthermore, during the establishment of your store we are available to help with the selection of your employees and we will provide training.

Opening the Korres store
We will help you establish a strong clientele and conduct you in developing a detailed marketing based on new product launches and other promotional programs in your region. Moreover, we will support you with promotional material that will help you establish your Korres store in the local market.

Initial training
Every new member will participate in an integrated training program. The program will cover any general individual needs, such as financial consultation, marketing issues, personnel management etc. At the same time, the program will cover other operational issues such as customer service, resolution of complaints, merchandising principles, local promotion, supplies, etc.

Continuous training
In addition to our initial training, we will also carry out training seminars whenever new products are introduced in our network of stores.

The company's specialized personnel will regularly visit your store to provide you with any support you may need and to help you expand your business.

We provide integrated marketing plans that have been successfully implemented and that are applied on a regular basis for the purpose of promoting and increasing the sales within our network.

The next step
We would like to thank you for your interest in opening a Korres Natural Products store.  Due to the volume of enquiries we receive it is necessary we gather some information about yourself so we can assess your proposal carefully.

Please complete the "STORE OPENING APPLICATION FORM" as your first point of contact with Korres Natural Products. We promise to reply once we have considered your expression of interest. Please note that all enquiries regarding store openings will be redirected to the form on the left, whose completion is necessary before discussing your interest with a qualified Korres Natural Products employee. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Store Opening