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6 Labs, a Full Circle of Conscious Actions: from Seed to Skin and Back

Greek Nature. 6.000 Herbs . Ethical Sourcing. Supporting Local Organic Farmers.

Green. Clean. Zero-Waste. 100% Natural Organic Extracts.

Academic Research. Discovery of New Active Herbal Ingredients. Transformative Skin Results.

All Female R&D Team. No-List of 1.500 ingredients. 500 Tests for each Formula. Efficacy. No Compromises.

The Beauty, the Elegance and the Balance of Form & Function. Recyclable Materials.

Second Chances. Empty Glass, Plastic and Cartons. Re-live as Art & Everyday Objects.

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Pore Minimizing + Oil Control Brightening + Dark Spot Reduction Soothing Skincare for Dehydrated Skin Sensitive Skin Plumping + Lifting Firming + Anti-Aging

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No sleep? No problem.

Shop our cult-favorite skincare must-have, the 3D Eye-Lift Super Serum, sustainably sourced from prehistoric Black Pines and the perfect remedy for dark circles and tired eyes.

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Treat yourself for staying in.

Make the most of staying home. Indulge in the nourishing and soothing Essentials Discovery Kit.

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KORRES products are made with the purest ingredients that have been hand-picked and harvested from local farms with the highest standards for purity, efficacy and sustainability.

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A small group of botanists, scientists and engineers, all working together to make the most effective + sustainable natural beauty + skincare products on the market.

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