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We extract and isolate the active ingredients of our selected plants, at our own environmentally friendly, certified herb extraction unit (ISO 9001, ISO 14001), the outcome of an over five year-long effort.
This, first in Greece, unit was created with the Pharmacy School of the University of Athens based on our homeopathy pharmacy heritage, our deep understanding of herbs, their properties and clinical benefits and innovative extraction methods.
It enables us to extract and gently isolate active ingredients in order to produce premium quality, clinically effective organic extracts. A processed herb’s liquid extract can be condensed so that we can take both semi-liquid and dry extracts and isolate those to produce various active agent families in liquid, semi-liquid and dry form. We are also able to isolate the plant’s scent and essential oils.
One single herb offers us up to 11 extracts and active agents that can be used independently or combined for greater efficacy. To avoid burdening the environment we have made the decision to use natural instead of chemical solvents despite the higher cost, while the extraction process residue is turned into organic soil and sent back to our network of organic farmers. A literally no-waste operation.

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