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Homeopathy was the starting point; inspired by its ‘mild yet effective approach’ yet focusing solely on nature as the ultimate provider.
The advantages of natural ingredients lie not only on their efficacy but also on the unique, irreplaceable synergy between their components. Each herb constitutes of a number of components, some of which have well-known properties, while others seem inactive. However, there is a unique synergy in the way those components interact, which cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. In other words, a formulation developed on the isolated components of each herb, would not be as efficacious as in the herb’s ‘original form’. The laboratory is part of the equation but in the context of skin biochemistry; researching natural ways to activate specific biological paths that enable cells to prolong their healthy life cycle.

The pharmacy’s homeopathic heritage is encapsulated in its extensive archive of over 3,000 herbal remedies; remedies based on natural actives that have approached and surpassed the efficacy of long-researched synthetics. Aloe, Borage, Calendula, Evening Primrose, Hamamelis, Quercetin, Wild Rose only some of nature’s harvested multi-action skin beneficiaries.

Natural ingredients that are selected due to their properties and are then extracted, isolated, stabilized and tested exhaustively so as to further access their action in relation to skin needs. The homeopathic heritage provides the data, the lab provides the clinical efficacy, the formulations provide the natural alternative to conventional skin solutions.

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