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Helene Prablanc
Head Industrial Designer
Photo credit / Margarita Nikitaki

Greek Yoghurt! Today’s challenge for Head Industrial Designer, Helene. The PR team has briefed Helene on a press kit for the brand’s After Sun Yoghurt range with Greek edible yoghurt. ‘PR projects are always fun and, also, a challenge to work on as the brief is always introduced with the same line – a creative, no-cost idea’. Half Greek, half French, Helene has been in charge of industrial design for KORRES for nearly nine years.

Together with her two talented creatives, Nikos and Manos, Helene is working on balancing the brand’s design values with the commercial marketing tools; the team is working on a number of projects including retail & merchandising needs, promotional materials and packaging.

In-house industrial teams are a rarity but in the case of KORRES a necessity as design is such an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Attention to detail is an obsession for everyone involved in KORRES design no matter how big or small the task is. ‘I always question myself whether I should prioritise based on size - a display stand that is going to be exposed to thousands of people versus a press kit that will be enjoyed by a few editors – it never works! Everything has to be perfect! Now I have to walk away and start thinking about Yoghurt’.

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