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Ilias Markopoulos
Merchandiser - Trade Marketing & Merchandising Department
Photo credit / Margarita Nikitaki

Our date with Ilias has been scheduled a month earlier. With 1,500 pharmacy visits all around the country every year, which means 6-7 visits daily, it wasn’t easy for us to get to him. Finally we did and we spent a whole day with one of the most cheerful people of the KORRES team. Alongside with the other KORRES merchandisers, Ilias is responsible for the promotion of all our product launches, creating an attractive sales environment within the pharmachy. ‘I love being on the road, the fact that I meet all these people every day makes this job even more interesting’. A member of a team of 11, Ilias has a lot of ground to cover every day, and we don’t mean that only literally. His role, and that of all KORRES Merchandisers, is crucial in the planning of eective, marketing activities, while, at the same time, he acts as a strong link between our whole team back at the oce and the market, the actual pharmacy customers.

Our meeting point was outside of a pharmacy in Aegaleo. Our mission was to assist Ilias in setting up a new window display for our new Black Pine skincare collection. Nancy, also a member of the KORRES Merchandisers team, is also there with us. The weather is not entirely on our side, however, already counting more than 5 years in the KORRES Trade Marketing & Merchandising department, Ilias seems to react better than us to all kinds of weather conditions. ‘I love what I do, even when the weather is not on my side’ he tells us, only to add ‘ There was this time that, due to very bad weather conditions, I had to stay an extra two days on a very small and quite inaccessible island. I became best friends with the island’s only pharmacist’.

First visit for the day is over and we all get into Ilias’ ‘super van’ as he calls it. ‘People know which areas I’ve covered on any given day because they recognize the van’. Ilias makes his job look easy, because he loves it, but having now spent half a day with him, it definitely isn’t. It is a job that requires a vast amount of patience and flexibility. Not paying attention to detail is not an option. ‘ Sometimes plan your day, thinking that the available space to the brand is specified, only to find out that is either smaller or even bigger’. ‘ You may have little time on your hands to complete the job or you may need to wait in order not to disturb the pharmacy’s sta that is, at the same time, busy serving their customers, filling out prescriptions, answering questions and suggesting solutions. However, Ilias is adamant that all diculties go away the minute the pharmacists congratulate him for ‘transforming their pharmacy’. ‘ It’s the best part of what I do’. Having spent a whole day with him, we are pretty sure that there is no way for someone not to welcome Ilias with a warm smile, just like his. We also believe him when he says that this is how all members of the KORRES Merchandising team are welcomed!

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