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Sofia Zisimou
Chemist / Head of RnD
Photo credit / Margarita Nikitaki

Over 500 formulations under her belt, yet the one she still insists on launching is not an idea she can take credit for. It’s an idea that came from her four year old daughter; a lollipop based on the first ever KORRES product, the honey syrup for sore throat relief. Her daughter may be the genius behind this ‘innovative’ sore-throat lollipop, but Sofia is the formulator behind the ultimate KORRES best seller - the first ever cosmetic formulation - the Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising Cream.

She worked on this as an outside consultant only to return to KORRES as an in-house formulator ten years later, a living proof that we always return to our first love. Sofia is involved in every single formulation that goes into the KORRES portfolio…and those that never make it. “What excites me most is mixing..I am there on top of my mini pilot vessels, watching closely, waiting to see how various textures mix together”.

When she doesn’t mix for KORRES, Sofia ‘mixes’ for her family and friends; “I experiment all the time, whether at the lab or at my home kitchen, new scents, new textures”. Knitting being her other favourite pastime – a different texture fascination of hers – is yet another sign of how serious Sofia is about experimenting with textures. An avid all-weather swimmer, it comes as no surprise that suncare development projects are her favourite. “Anything can be an inspiration…my children, the biggest of them all, and yes I am yet to convince everyone that the honey lollipop will be a major success”.

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