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Tzeni Georgakopoulou
Pharmacy Manager
Photo credit / Margarita Nikitaki

a.k.a ‘our Tzeni’; one of the five-strong team that started working with George Korres at the pharmacy back in 1996. Tzeni has been with KORRES since the beginning and has chosen not to make the transition to the main head office. ‘The pharmacy is my home’.

Set up in the mid 60s, this is Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy. Tzeni welcomes almost a hundred customers daily, her friends as she calls them, no matter how cliche this may sound. ‘Some are new, some are old, but they are all friends’, she says. Tzeni and her team – probably the most helpful and accommodating people you’ll ever come across in Athens – treat everyone who walks in as an old acquaintance; they always come up with a solution, even if it means they have to be creative with their plant tinctures. They help address all kind of aches following closely the doctor’s prescriptions, ensuring that each patient is listened to thoroughly. They are also mentor to all new KORRES staff – everyone who starts at KORRES, no matter what their position and experience- has to spend his/her first days at the pharmacy, so as to understand the brand’s heritage.

Nobody leaves the pharmacy without trying one of Tzeni’s favourite delicacies; the chocolate-covered almond ‘olives’, from a nearby patisserie – ideally accompanied by a traditional Greek coffee, from an old coffee house next door. When asked to share a funny pharmacy story, she starts laughing out loud; ‘there was this customer back in our early days who was addicted to our ‘fridge’ creams; so much so, she used to spread her face honey cream on toast for breakfast; it took us ages to persuade her that, natural as they are, our creams are certainly not edible’. Needless to say, everyone at the KORRES office has Tzeni on speed dial for all kinds of emergencies.

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