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Our Quality Standards

Quality is our number one priority. Developing, producing, packaging in a way that goes beyond basic compliance standards, drives every decision we make. Despite being a cosmetics brand, we have developed production systems suitable for pharmaceutical products; our skincare formulations are produced based on extremely strict standards, often stricter than the ones followed for pharmaceuticals. A principle that applies to material handling including movement, storage, control and protection of raw materials and final products throughout the process of producing and distributing. Our plant has also been certified for Quality Management (ISO 9001) COSMETICS GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (ISO 22716) and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ISO 14001).

Taking a closer look

Water is the one of the most significant ingredients in the majority of cosmetic formulations; the use of bacteriologically pure water in developing cosmetics simply cannot be undermined. It is of great significance yet a priority that can be easily misplaced, mainly due to cost-saving reasons. There are various types of water needs in our daily care but the type used as a cosmetic component is the most demanding on purity levels. An ultra-high purity level water is the basis for a safe formulation with the least amount of preservatives possible, what in other could be described as a ‘safe product from day one.

The cosmetics industry recommends the use of water with conductivity of up to 4,3 µS/cm (micro Siemens per cm) as per the European Pharmacopoeia requirements; at Korres plant we use a USP grade water with conductivity of 0,8 µS/cm – over 5 times more pure than what is actually required and more pure than European pharmaceutical grade guidelines. Driven by our obsession with quality, we have created a water-purification plant within our production plant aiming to produce the highest quality water for our formulations. The water purification technology we use is Double Reverse Osmosis combined with UV (Ultraviolet) sterilizing, similar to the one found at kidney transplant hospital units. This water-purification plant is inspected daily both electronically and manually; there are over 10 check points to ensure that all standards are met. Local and international inspecting authorities have hailed the unit as an “exemplary” case study.

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