The Ageless Saffron Elixir More Precious Than Gold

Golden Krocus

A precious golden elixir infused with the immense antioxidant power of 1-day fresh Greek saffron to universally correct all signs of aging.

  • Autumn’s gold blossoms once a year in Northern Greece, in a town named after its most precious export: Greek saffron from the Krocus Kozani flower. It is considered the highest quality saffron in the world.

  • Around the villages of Krocus for 14 days only, the purple flowers bloom and the farmers pick them fresh each morning. After sunset, the families gather to hand pick the 3 delicate red saffron stigmas found in each flower. All of this is done by hand to preserve the potent antioxidant properties of this rare and precious spice.

  • It takes 70,000 Krocus flowers to produce just 1 pound of Greek saffron, making it more expensive than gold! Once KORRES extracts the stigmas, the extract goes into the formula the very next day, so that each bottle of GOLDEN KROCUS AGELESS SAFFRON ELIXIR contains the most powerful saffron antioxidants possible.

  • Much more than your typical serum, this universal and powerful booster repairs all visible signs of aging for all skin types and concerns. Experience a few golden drops every day for youthful-looking, glowing skin.

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