Korres DEEP HYDRATION Saffron Orris Body Milk 01

Body Milk

Your Skin

Dry, dehydrated and rough

Our Remedy

A silky and luxurious body milk moisturizer that quenches parched skin, in one of our fine apothecary fragrances to layer your scent experience.


125ml. Dermatologically tested. May contain traces of wheat/nuts. Suitable for vegetarians. Recyclable packaging. Cruelty free.

Select a scent: Saffron Orris
Apothocary Wild Rose
Black Sugar
Cashmere Kumquat
Midnight Dahlia
Morning Mimosa
Saffron Orris
Vanilla Freesia
White Tea
Saffron Orris


Floral, Spicy, Woody

Top Notes: Timur Pepper Jungle Essence, Lemon, Mandarin, Nutmeg

Heart Notes: Gingerbread, Violet, Orris, Saffron, Sage

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Leather

Only blooming once a year, the saffron flower is hand-picked to protect the delicate flower. Symbolic of beauty, sensuality, longevity and love it’s also known as “red gold” and one of nature’s most precious plants.

From The Team
Sam Archer

We created body milks in the scent of our apothecary fragrances so you can begin your fragrance experience in the shower and layer your scents.

Sam Archer, Head of Product

How to use

  1. Dosage

    A quarter-size amount, repeat as needed to cover your entire body.

  2. Application

    For the entire body. Best when applied to warm, damp skin.

How to use

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All KORRES products are sourced ethically in Greece

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