5 minutes with Christianna Economou

Art, aesthetics, and Greek heritage have been integral to our brand ethos for decades. This season, we are bringing our holiday tradition to life with Christianna Economou – a rising, young Greek artist who keeps local customs alive by restoring boats on the islands of Greece. Together, we have created our own “boats of hope” and exclusive merchandise to bring you art and beauty for the holidays.

We sat down with Christianna for 5 minutes to learn more about her background, her artwork, and of course, her favorite KORRES products.

Tell us, where are you located right now?

I split my time between Athens & Paros where my new studio/showroom is located. After spending six years in London and then three years in Schoinousa - a very small island in the Small Cyclades - where I started the project "Fearless Boats", I decided I still wanted to spend my days by the sea but in a bigger island where things are easier to be completed.

How did the idea of restoring distressed boats on the Greek islands come about? Tell us a bit more about the program “Fearless Boats”.

While studying Sculpture at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, my two great passions, Greek traditions, and the sea, led me do my dissertation based on all these Greek traditions that have been destroyed over the past years. As soon as I graduated, I decided to come back home and begin my signature project "Fearless Boats" (καράβια Που Δεν Φοβήθηκαν). Through the program I restore and convert old - derelict - traditional fishing boats, known as “caiques” into pieces of art. These works of art, remain at the port of each island - outside of the water - and serve as a tribute to all the Greek caiques that have been destroyed in the past years and pay homage to the Greek shipbuilding tradition as well as to all the seamen and our seas. So far, I have restored seven caiques.

How do you feel about partnering with us?

I love it - both KORRES and ALL WE SEE IS THE SEA share the same mindset and great love for Greece so undoubtedly the excitement is big.

Tell us about the KORRES custom boats you designed for us. What was the process like?

I have been doing the "Karava” project or else “Boats of Hope” for the past three years and although a very time - consuming project, as every little detail is handmade, I love doing it.

How will you holiday this year?

With family + friends! 

Lastly, what’s your favorite KORRES product?

The Greek Yogurt Foaming Cream Cleanser always and forever. It’s tender, smells good, and ideal for my cracked skin while working outside over winter.

Shop Christianna’s favorite pieces for gifting in our holiday shop.

Shop our holiday collection, inspired by the same tradition of Karavakia in Christianna’s work here.

About Christianna: Christianna Economou is a young artist, born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied Fine Arts (Sculpture) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. While studying, she was working for BROWNS FASHION as part of their visual department team. At 2015, she moved back home and started her signature project "Fearless Boats" in the Cyclades. Through the programme she restores and converts old - derelict - traditional fishing boats, known as “caïques” into pieces of art. Simultaneously, she has created an inspirational brand "All We See Is The Sea". All share the same qualities, twisting Greek traditions, handmade with love by the sea in her studio in Paros island where she is based the past three years.