Greek Yoghurt: The Natural Skincare Secret

A generations-old essential in food and natural beauty, Greek yoghurt is known as a secret skincare remedy used by our grandmothers to repair and soothe inflamed, irritated skin. So many of us have grown up with this natural skincare remedy, which has proven to benefit our skin in two ways: by eating it and applying it to dehydrated skin.

Eating yoghurt seals a healthy diet and is a testament to a balanced lifestyle. As a critical natural ingredient and remedy in our everyday skincare routine, the benefits of Greek yoghurt for skin are endless. Greek yoghurt in beauty is key to soothe dehydrated skin with nutrients and vitamins for a natural glow. 

Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium and packed with ingredients such as zinc, B-complex vitamins, and healthy probiotic bacteria. Not to mention, it's an incredible source of protein to feed skin from the inside out. Studies have focused on the health benefits of eating yoghurt, as well as the role good bacteria or probiotics play when it comes to the benefits of Greek yoghurt for skin.

The Natural Skin Caregiver 

"We are what we eat" could not be more true when it comes to eating Greek yoghurt. By incorporating Greek yoghurt into our daily diet, it helps maintain and balance good bacteria in the digestive system. When it comes to the benefits of Greek yoghurt for skin, it helps prevent skin diseases, such as eczema. It also helps reduce inflammation by soothing dehydrated skin. Integrate our Greek Yoghurt collection into your skincare routine as the best remedies to soothe dehydrated skin.

A Natural Beauty Secret 

The "good" bacteria found in yoghurt is beneficial not only for balancing the "ecosystem" of the digestive system, but also in your skincare routine. Various studies have confirmed the role of "good bacteria" in gut health, in addition to the calcium, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties for major skincare benefits. Yoghurt probiotics help promote cell renewal for anti-aging benefits and repair the skin barrier to soothe dehydrated skin. Greek yoghurt is a universal skincare ingredient, beneficial for all skin types, and ideal in skincare routines for dry skin due to its hydrating and nourishing properties. Topical application of yoghurt, like a Greek yoghurt facial, has antibacterial and antifungal properties due to Lactobacillus, a type of "friendly" bacteria that lives in fermented products such as yoghurt. 

It's Planet-Friendly

Yoghurt production is considered environmentally friendly, especially in our small farms in Greece. Our unique straining process allows the yoghurt to maintain high levels of pre + probiotics, protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Compared to other foods, the carbon footprint of yoghurt production is moderate to low.

Explore the Benefits of Greek Yoghurt For Skin

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

The best-selling foaming cream cleanser formulated with pre + probiotic rich real Greek yoghurt helps with makeup removal and leaves skin pure and nourished in one cleanse. 

Greek Yoghurt Probiotic Superdose Face Mask

Powered by more pre + probiotic rich real Greek yoghurt than any other skincare product, this super-dosed face mask resets skin in less than 10 minutes.

Greek Yoghurt Rebalancing Skin-Supplement Serum

An ultra-hydrating, cooling serum that feeds dehydrated skin essential nutrients to repair skin imperfections, reduce redness, and boost skin health. 

Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

The ultimate Mediterrenean superfood moisturizer with pre + probiotic rich Greek yoghurt plus time released hydration to keep your dehydrated skin dewy all day. 

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