Pomegranate: The Natural Skincare Superfood

Since ancient times, the pomegranate has been a symbol of rejuvenation, wealth, and prosperity in Greece. For centuries, the superfood has been deemed a sacred fruit and our farmers ensure to treat it as such by carefully transporting it from the fields to our lab in Athens where its ruby-like seeds are cold-pressed to yield antioxidant-rich extracts and formulated into natural skincare products.

The Mediterranean superfood sees no limits when it comes to health benefits, especially when considering the benefits of pomegranate for skin. To get the benefits of the potent and powerful natural antioxidant, you can eat it, drink it, and use it in your daily skincare routine. While the health benefits of pomegranate shouldn't come as much of a suprise to you, read on to learn more about the uses of pomegranate for skin and why this power plant is a daily necessity in your skincare routine. 

Gift of Nature

Dating back to Greek mythology, pomegranate has been praised as a gift of nature to maintain health and natural beauty. It's a symbol of health, fertility, prosperity, and longevity. On New Year's Eve, every Greek family gathers outside of the house, and when the clock strikes midnight, a pomegranate is rolled and smashed on the front doorstep. The more ruby-like seeds that scatter on the floor, the luckier the upcoming year will be. 

Nutritional Health Benefits 

The hard and rough pomegranate skin is not meant to be eaten, but inside there are dozens of edible seeds that are eaten raw or as pressed juice. The flavorful fruits and seeds, as well as the flowers and leaves of the pomegranate, are rich in numerous bioactive compounds. In recent years, science has highlighted the nutritional benefits of the pomegranate as they provide an incredible source of vitamin C, K, folic acid, potassium, minerals, and fibers. Research has shown that pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant, with more antioxidants than a glass of red wine or green tea. 

A Treasure in Your Skincare Routine 

Pomegranate has been used as a skincare ingredient for many natural skincare products, thanks to its natural antioxidant properties including polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. The main ingredient extracted from the pomegranate, and used in skincare products, is the seed oil due to its rejuvenating and healing properties. This seed oil provides pore minimizing, pore refining, and pore tightening benefits. Pomegranate oil accelerates the renewal of skin cells, fights against free radicals, and promotes balance and even skin texture. Best for combination skin, the seed oil of the fruit penetrates the layers of the skin, balancing oil production levels. Ponic acid, a healthy fatty acid, promotes pore tightening, and improves skin texture when combined with vitamin C. Another healthy acid, ellagic acid, helps strengthen collagen cells to blur imperfections and smooth skin for baby soft texture.

The Power of Pore Minimizing Pomegranate in your Skincare Routine

Pomegranate Pore Refining Cleansing Gel

Bring forward clear skin with a pore minimizing cleansing gel that draws out impurities and oil from clogged pores. 

Pomegranate Triple Dose Resurfacing Mask 

A natural pore refining resurfacing mask with three distinct exfoliators to smooth texture and minimize the appearance of pores for instantly fresh skin. 

Pomegranate Pore Blurring Gel Moisturizer 

A cream-gel moisturizer that clears the way for flawless skin, blurring imperfections, and balancing intense hydration.      


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