Seed to Skin and Back: Recycling

Over 1 ton of plastic collected via our Recycle Lab in the first 9 months.

We never want our materials to go to waste. In 2019, we built our own state-of-the-art Recycle Lab in Athens to recycle empties from customers and give them a new home as beautiful household objects and unique art pieces. Now, we continue our recycling journey with our new Recycle Lab in our store located in New York City.

  • We recycle everything to help give back to Mother Nature, ensuring her beauty for centuries to come. 
  • We are on the forefront of the sustainable skincare revolution with our circular production system. Everything is carefully crafted your skin and made to be recycled.
  • The Recycle Lab bin that was designed by our Design Lab won a bronze award in the Structural Design Innovation category of the Packaging Awards 2021 held by Boussias Communications in 2021. 

"We have collected and recycled more than 1 TON of plastic, as well as 1 TON of paper and 200kg of glass. These now live as beautiful art objects, for all of you to enjoy. We will continue this effort and hope you all join us and become a part of this journey!"– Konstantina Angeli, Head of Sustainability & Scientific Affairs

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