Seed to Skin and Back: Sustainable Farming

Leading the sustainable skincare revolution since 1996.

Nature is our compass, and science charts our journey. Our clean, ingredient-first formulas are built on the backs, nurtured by the hands, and developed by networks of local Greek farmers, botanists, and scientists. 

Each product’s life cycle begins and ends in Greece. From the local network of Greek farmers who organically harvest the ingredients, to our female-led R&D team who extract the botanicals, to our custom Recycle Lab that turns our packaging into works of art, we nurture your skin, and we nurture the earth.

From returning compostable waste back as compost for future harvests to supporting hundreds of micro farmers all over Greece, our seed to skin journey has fueled us everyday since 1996. Together, we honor our land, our heritage, and our communities every step of the way.

Our efforts towards sustainable farming:

+ 100% Unused Plant Residue Returned to Soil for Compost                   

+ Supporting 1,000 Farming Families 

+ 100% of Plant Materials Purchased from Greek Farmer

We start with good soil. We build friendships, partnerships, and business with the farmers, honoring their land and their families’ history. Their rich craftsmanship and single-origin ingredients. We learn the ins and outs of their farms, identifying and assessing wherever we go. Even some of the trees have nicknames. 

We oversee cultivation, careful to take only what’s needed and return any leftovers. We carefully transport each seed, fruit and bloom – from the field to our lab in Athens — and extract the botanicals ourselves. Everything is mixed into formulas and routinely tested in house. These are ingredients grown from Greek soil and harvested by Greek hands. These powerful formulas are created by the local farmers who have cared for this land for generations. They help us create only the best and help us conserve the unique biodiversity of Greece.

“We work together with more than thirty local micro-farmers and five Agricultural Unions around Greece. We support them financially, scientifically, personally, in every possible aspect we can. I meet them in person, I advise them, I listen to them, I hear their dreams and their problems, they are my inspiration.  

Hearing their concerns, and knowing our needs, as a path ahead, we’ve set up an R&D system of cultivation methods aiming two targets: to promote organic farming in Greece and to conserve the biodiversity and the cultivation of endangered species.” – Giorgos Stavropoulos, KORRES Plant Hunter

  • We run a zero-waste operation where we carefully extract active herbal ingredients and return any unused organic matter to the soil as fertilizer. 
  • Grown on the richly diverse island of Crete, our Olive groves have been farmed by a single-family generations. They’re so sacred that many of them have guards to watch over this precious natural material. 
  • Our Santorini Grapes are grown on organic, single-origin vineyards with vines that are over 400 years old. We are the only trusted beauty partner of Santo Wines Cooperative, and all organic matter is returned as composted for future harvests. 
  • All products are made with love in Greece—a globally recognized bio-diversity hotspot with over 6,000 plant species, 1,500 of which only grow in Greece. Since 1996, we’ve assessed the efficacy of over 3,600 botanical ingredients.
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